I.W. had the usual quibbles about the Ivey Awards on Monday night. But we were quite pleased that some really good theater guys got their props...Hallelujah that Gary Rue was recognized for musical direction and ditto for Ben Bakken, who is loved by everyone with whom he works. 'Twas lovely to see Bain Boehlke honored for lifetime achievement and Anna Sundberg as emerging artist...”


…graceful, plaintive melodies. Gary’s music is…very melodic, very beautiful. ”

— Minneapolis Star Tribune

Some of the best music I’ve heard in eons. ”

— Golden Gate (San Francisco)

Gary Rue: A Brief Biography 

A performer and composer, Gary has been writing music for audiences throughout the western hemisphere since the mid-sixies, beginning with various town halls in the upper Midwest and graduating to East Coast ‘tent’ tours that included the Big Apple (Carnegie Hall as music director and duet partner for Gene Pitney) and on to far flung points in Canada and the Caribbean. Early along the way, Mr. Rue began writing music of his own, and was rewarded with some of his songs being recorded by (among others) Nick Lowe and Helen Reddy, as well as many prominent regional artists. In 1985 he turned almost exclusively to composing for the live stage, and to date is the author of 85 scores for music theater (including The Stinky Cheese Man, which toured the US and China with Dallas Children’s Theater), Mr. Rue's work has been performed over 2000 times in 15 countries; he is a 2010 Minnesota Music Hall of Fame AND Mid-America Hall of Fame Inductee, an IVEY Award winner and an active touring musician and educator.


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