Awesomely awesome! the seagulls/waves are a beautiful touch!" ...I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful song and tell you I can’t stop listening to it and crying...”

Songs of Note"

Give the gift of a uniquely personalized song for any milestone in the life of a loved one: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, legacies, memorials and more.



Here's How In Five Basic Steps

1) The Lyric Content Interview 
We'll begin with a family-and-friends interview and others who may wish to offer input as to lyric content and style of music. This can include whatever seems appropriate: character traits, likes and dislikes, favorite people, activities and places, the list is endless.

2) Choosing a Style of Music 
This could be any style at all. If it's something I'm not familiar with, I'll do the research and come up with something appropriate (I've had the opportunity to write in many diverse genres, from Oaxaca Mixtec Indians to Hmong folk music-inspired rap, jazz  and of course, British and American pop). 

3) The First Draft 
I'll put together a demonstration of your basic idea and make it available for critique from the participants. Rewrites are fine! 

4) Final Draft 
This is the version where I will have acted on the suggestions and recorded a more in-depth demo. Suggestions taken here again, with a mind of moving on to the final version. 

5) Final Version
Based on input from the first two drafts, this will be the final version. It will consist of the instrumentation appropriate to your chosen style with a male vocal track.

And then...Final Product Delivered To You 
A fully produced WAV file and mp3 recording, delivered via DropBox or WeTransfer. 

Available add-ons:
a) A vocal 'lead' sheet (melody, lyrics, guitar chords)
b) A piano/vocal score of the song (lead sheet plus piano accompaniment)
c) An instrumental version of the song (again, WAV and mp3) so everyone can sing along
d) Female vocal version
e) A 'live' performance by Gary on solo guitar (or piano if you have one) and voice.

Listen below to some fine examples


Gary Rue: A Brief Biography 

A performer and composer, Gary has been playing music for audiences throughout the western hemisphere since the mid-sixties, beginning with various town halls in the upper Midwest and graduating to East Coast ‘tent’ tours that included the Big Apple (Carnegie Hall as music director and duet partner for Gene Pitney) and on to far flung points in Canada and the Caribbean. Early along the way, Mr. Rue began writing music of his own, and was rewarded with some of his songs being recorded by (among others) Nick Lowe and Helen Reddy, as well as many prominent regional artists. He is the author of nearly 90 scores for music theater (including The Stinky Cheese Man, which toured the US and China with Dallas Children’s Theater), is a 2010 Minnesota Music Hall of Fame Inductee and an active touring musician and educator. 

Composer (and vocalist/arranger/producer) for: 

         Mall of America’s “There’s a Place For Fun In Your Life” 

         Paul Wellstone’s 1996 campaign theme “We Can Do Better” 

         Isaac Misrahi’s Target campaign “Cross Country" 

         Hormel Co. “Pam, Don’t Take My SPAM” 


>1985 Minnesota Music Award, Multi-Media 

>2010 Inductee Mid-America Music Hall of Fame 

>2010 Inductee Minnesota Music Hall of Fame 

>2012 IVEY Award, Music Direction, “Buddy! The Buddy Holly Story” 


“…graceful, plaintive melodies.  Gary’s music is…very melodic, very beautiful.” 
Minneapolis Star Tribune 

“…songs carry the craft  and know-how of someone who has listened to and learned from some of pop’s best lyricists and melody makers.” 
(Twin Cities) City Pages 

“Super songs…coarse, energetic poetry and unexpected vulnerability.” 
San Jose Mercury News 

"Some of the best music I’ve heard in eons.” 
Golden Gate (San Francisco)