Debuts August 25th, 2021
Ives Theatre, Masonic Heritage Center, Bloomington, MN


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The photo is one of Ben Krywosz and crew designing lighting for the debut of "Summer of Love: The Music of San Francisco. Ben (Nautilus Theater) designed and operated lighting shows at various venues in the Bay area from late 60s to early 70s. This light show is guaranteed to dazzle (the work will be based on Ben's original elements), the musicians are terrific (think Jefferson Airplane, Doors, Procol Harum, Hendrix, the Dead (man) and more!

Songs That Will Feed Your Head, 
And a Light Show That Will Blow Your Mind! 


A Song Sampling: 

Light My Fire                                                           The Doors                                                  
White Rabbit                                                          Jefferson Airplane                               
Uncle John’s Band                                               Grateful Dead                                         
Fire                                                                             Jimi Hendrix   
A Little Help From My Friends                      Joe Cocker
Piece of My Heart                                               Janis Joplin
Sunshine of Your Love                                     Cream (featuring Eric Clapton)
San Francisco                                                       Scott MacKenzie
California Dreaming                                          Mamas and Papas
Whiter Shade of Pale                                       Procol Harum
Ruby Tuesday                                                      Rolling Stones                                       
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds                 The  Beatles

About the Show: 

Summer of Love is a 'trip' back in time to San Francisco and the heyday of psychedelic music and the innovative lighting featured at Bill Graham's Filmore West. Aside from the exacting musicianship of the quartet and the iconic playlist of songs, the light show itself is a highlight of this experience, being "improvisational and hands-on, conjuring up swiftly changing, kaleidoscopic images that ebb and flow with the music;" for all practical purposes the lighting operator is the 5th member of the band! 


Produced by Sidekick Theatre and 
Music Direction: Brian Pekol  
Lighting Design: Ben Krywosz* 

*Ben Krywosz (Nautilus Music Theater) is our lighting consultant. Ben 's lighting company, Albatross, designed and operated lighting for many national groups at Filmore West and other Bay area venues in San Francisco between 1967 and 1972, among them, BLUE CHEER and IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY. They also provided lighting for productions of TOMMY, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, MARAT/SADE, and J.B