1. Roberta

From the recording Samples

Written for Roberta's 40th birthday celebration, lyrical content contributed by her family. Roberta is the wife of an American Express Executive based in Minneapolis.



Roberta, though you're only 39 or so, we've gathered,
To express appreciation and to have some fun,
And so my co-conspirators and I, we have composed a tune,
Our melodious way of saying there is only one...

Roberta, unsinkable, indefatigable you,
A catchy cornucopia of lively tint and hue,
Cellular-ly mobile with a life so organized,
Some would say your home is alphabetized,

West Palm Beach for breakfast, to Los Angeles with haste,
And then it's off to Phoenix for a penguin-yogurt taste,
Milk's not on the menu and you entertain with style,
You put on the glitz and go that extra mile,

And Harvey, what a guy, what of Harvey, my oh my,
He obviously loves you, look around,
And Josh, though only five, thinks it's great to be alive,
A mom with both feet planted firmly on the ground,

Roberta, you're delightful! And we all would like to tell you,
What it is you do that makes us feel this way,
We're sorry there's not more of you to go around, but we'll make do,
Roberta, you make dreams come true and it's your day!