1. Yellow Lemons

Engineered by John Fields @ Creation, 2/27, 28, 2023.
Produced by John Fields and Gary Rue.
© Copyright 2022 Loose Canon Music Group BM
International copyright secured, All Rights Reserved


Yellow Lemons, green grass, blue sky,
Indigo and purple haze,
Boysenberry pie,
Yellow Lemons, rose red, tie-dye,
Buttermilk and tangerines,
Technicolor high,

When I'm under such a spell,
I think about you when I see a color,
And I wonder, should I tell you,
What to do with all these


Does it matter in the long run,
If I dream you monochrome or color,
Still I wonder, should I tell you,
What we do with all these
Yello Lemons