From Cheryl Larson at Central Square, Glenwood, MN. A rave about the Fab 6 performance there on Saturday, July 17th (Thank you, Cheryl!):
"The show was wonderful! Thank you, your guys killed it! My audience was thrilled and I have rave reviews. Thank you so much!"

Fab 6 is a fab-ulous Beatles tribute band 16 pieces strong that celebrates the arrangements of the quartet’s music from the deeper studio works of Sergeant Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour, and The White Album and Abbey Road, highlighting the contributions of producer Sir George Martin. But worry not, there will still be plenty of those luscious quartet tunes to Twist and Shout about!


THRILL to the soaring notes of the piccolo trumpet solo in “Penny Lane”!
SWOON to the beautifully bittersweet string arrangement of “Yesterday”!
SHUDDER at the vocal and guitar madness of “Helter Skelter”!
TREMBLE at the musically chaotic finale of “A Day In the Life”!

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The proof is in the pudding. Here's the pudding:

"Wow! Just wow!!! Feel like a groupie!!!!  Great show at the History Theatre, guys!!!!!"

"The musical performances tonight were outstanding as expected. What I didn’t expect was how enlightening it was to see and hear those masterpieces performed live by 16 talented musicians. After seeing all the components that went into each Beatles song, including some subtle ones, I doubt I’ll ever hear those songs the same way again. Congratulations on an amazing evening."

"Absolutely awesome! Loved the whole damn show. So glad we made the trek to St. Paul.!"

"Last night was FAB!!  So glad I was there. Awesome show. So professional & just plain great!!"

"The sound was just terrific and you guys are real performers!"

“What a FUN show!! You nailed it! … there is success there!! EVERYONE was raving about this show last night! …because it was damn good!"


Fab 6 is a labor of love. Six musicians united in a long journey to do it right. We are all hardcore lifelong Beatles fans. Most of us started playing in bands immediately after watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan in the Winter of '64. None of us have ever been involved in anything quite like this. We are all humbled by the Beatles music and are truly honored to get a chance to play it for you. It's a show I've wanted to pull together for a very long time-- and finally-- we're bringing it to life.


This wasn’t as easy as we all thought it would be. As Jerry has said, we all cut our teeth on this music, so naturally we thought we knew it inside out, piece o’cake. How wonderfully wrong we were! Many of the arrangements we all know and love were quite spontaneous, there is no written record of them, so we all have had to dive down every rabbit hole in sight to get it…right. A certain methodology on the part of those arrangements began to emerge, which helped a bit, but it was indeed a treasure hunt. We think we’ve discovered most of the precious metal, but the beauty of it is that there will always be that elusive…something.