Written for the students of Delano, MN for the dedication of an outdoor amphitheater constructed in honor of one of their own who died of leukemia. Lyric input was from the students of the 4th, 5th and 6th grade of Delano Grade School. sung by Anna Kim Ostroushko.


The Milky Way (Look Up)

Look up at wonders all around,
Look up at heaven looking down,
It's such a lovely day,
Let's spend it all right here,
Beneath The Milky Way,

Look up at dancing butterflies,
Look up hear music in the skies,
The hummingbirds will hum us
Back where we came from,
Back to The Milky Way.

Look Up, gazillions of stars,
Look Up at Jupiter and Mars,
Look Up, get moondust in your eyes,
Look Up, at glowing fireflies,

Look Up, the night is settling down,
Look Up, there's quiet all around,
And if you're very still,
Your heart will drink its fill,
Beneath The Milky Way