1. Have a Heart

From the recording Craft Singles

Well, fairly obvious, and personal. But it's a universal story, isn't it?

Pete Johnson, drums; Jeffrey Willkomm, bass; Gary Rue, electric guitar and vocal.


Have a Heart

Have a Heart,
Don’t go,
Don’t leave me standing here this way,
Consider me,
Have a Heart,

Have a Heart,
Take mine,
What good, what good is it to me?
Is all it brings,
Have a Heart,
Have a Heart,

Baby, believe me,
If I ever thought you would leave me like this,
I would never have fallen so hard,
(now what am I supposed to do?),

It would be easy,
So easy if I could just
Look you in the eye,
Tell a little lie,
Cross my heart,
Hope to die, (say I’m)
Not in love with you,
Not in love with you,
Not in love with you,
No, it isn’t true,

Have a Heart,
Have faith,
Our world is in each other’s arms,
Won’t you come home,
Have a Heart.