Craft Singles

Gary Rue


Craft Singles

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What: New Recording: “Craft Singles” Who: Gary Rue Street Date: September 25, 2018

A collection of songs from my past 35 years. All original music, of course, never-before-released, and featuring local luminaries Peter Johnson and Gary Raynor (members of the former APHC band), Prudence Johnson, Dan Chouinard, Jeffrey Willkomm, as well as members of The Mavericks. The songs are wide ranging in style, from the jazz-torch influence of “All Around the World” to the 60s-era pop-ish “In My World” to…oh well, the song styles are all over the map. I started writing because by the late 60s I was no longer hearing what I wanted to hear. And since I love all kinds of music, I wanted to write in all styles. That didn’t do much for my career as a pop star, but avoiding that stratum of the business gave me a freedom that high profile artists don’t always have.

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