1. Everyday Hero

From the recording Craft Singles

This was commissioned in 1990 by a national retail chain for a new string of stores called "Everyday Hero" that never got off the ground. Uncharacteristically optimistic lyric, but I like this one. Prudence Johnson, duet partner, Jan Reimer and Richard Olson, backing vocals; Stix Kiley, drums; Kent Taylor, bass; Gary Rue, guitar, organ, lead vocal. Recorded at our studio in the old Berman Buckskin building where the Federal Reserve now stands.


Everyday Hero

There is something we all need from one another,
It’s not something you can taste, or hear, or touch,
Extraordinary power from everyday people,
All the things you do for me that mean so much,

You make life much easier,
You take time to understand,
Open heart and open arms,
When life can be so demanding,
When I’ve got you by my side,
Helping me to take a stand,
My Every Day Hero,
Everyday Hero,
You’re my Everyday Hero,

When a smile is all you need to know a good thing,
And you know someone is there to follow through,
With a steady hand to guide you over deep dark water,
And a gift from of trust from one whose aim is true,

Strength enough to carry on,
Strong enough to shelter me,
I would do the same for you,
We can help each other see,
With you I’ll never feel alone,
That’s why you will always be

My Every Day Hero,
Everyday Hero,
You’re my Everyday Hero,

Every Day Hero (repeat and fade)