From the recording Craft Singles

Recorded at The Cottage, 2016, but written in 1983 as an extrapolation of underscore for Illusion theatre's production of "No Place To Park" by Eric Anderson. Take an idea and run with it. Gary Rue, guitar and vocal.


All Around the World

I late night in LA, I take a red-eye flight to Orly,
But she won’t be there for me,
When my airplane touches down,
They say the sights are something,
I should ‘do’ the Eiffel Tower,
Such a happy hour
But for me it’s still a lonely town,

And as the lights of Paris
Illuminate young lovers,
I lie beneath the covers,
With my dreams that won’t come true,
Though I’ve gained the world, I’m empty,
As this vacancy beside me,
That hollowness inside
We rather vaguely know as ‘blue’,

On a holiday,
Sipping wine and Tanqueray,
From Shangri-la to Mandalay,
All Around the World

Foggy London town,
Royalty at THE Ten Downing,
I’ve yet to be astounded,
All Around the World

What makes the heart beat faster,
What makes the world round?
Heaven’s above! Could it be love,
That I’ve been dreaming of?

All the sights to see,
She’s the only one for me,
You can keep your seven wonders, she
Takes me All Around the World