1. Sorry

From the recording Craft Singles

I wanted to write the saddest piece I could think of, really went down the rabbit hole on this one. Also, I was writing songs that had only one word in the title. Hmmm.
Anna Vasquez, cello, Anna Vagle, duet partner; Pete Johnson, drums; Jeffrey Willkomm, bass; Dan Chouinard, accordion; Gary Rue, electric guitar and vocal,



The last time we met over small talk at some sad café,
You were biting your lip to avoid having something to say,
But when you awoke from your reverie, drying your eyes,
I promised you nothing but poison and lies,
When I could have simply said “Sorry.”

But rather than sorry, I drifted down through the years,
Put mountains between us, pursuing our separate careers,
Better than seeing each other, I guess,
Time to time, here and there, one might have to confess
Of a lover, or two, then someone would have to be Sorry,

If I had a tear for each time that you’d touched me,
I’d gladly be drowning in whatever must be,
Oh water! Please nourish this dry place where nothing has grown…

I got the news in LA when I stepped from the train,
Two thousand miles, I ran all the way, my last chance to see you again,
All of those roses they laid at your feet,
They’re all dying for water, or dead from the heat,
Now there’s nobody left here that matters, to hear me say “Sorry”,